Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has made many types of businesses lose a lot of turnover, that doesn’t mean restaurant businesses have to experience the same thing. The restaurant business can actually optimize business opportunities in times of crisis like this, because many people rely on restaurants for their daily eating needs. The following are five ways that restaurant business owners can optimize their business opportunities in the midst of the Corona virus outbreak.

Improve the Quality of Your Takeaway and Delivery

Now it’s time for restaurant owners to focus on takeaway and delivery services. You can still improve the customer experience through your takeaway and delivery orders.

  1. Improve Variants

food presentation needs to be improved, because this will make a good impression on customers. You can also take advantage of this good serving of food for photo competitions on Instagram, for example.

  1. Show some cares

Second, you can show your customers you care by giving them a greeting card or writing on the packaging of their order. A thank you to your customers for their loyalty to your restaurant in this difficult situation or a note reminding them to wash their hands before enjoying the meal ordered will give your customer a special memory.

Takeaway quality is very important to help increase your restaurant business opportunities in the midst of the current Corona virus pandemic.

  1. How Online Food Ordering Benefits Customers

Third, improve the serving times of your restaurant orders so that you are able to fill more customer orders each day. This can be done if you have a kitchen display system (KDS) in your restaurant. KDS makes it easy for cooks to accept incoming orders, set priorities for serving orders, determine estimated serving times, and much more.

  1. Make it easy for customers to order online

Fourth, make it easy for customers to order your restaurant menu. If your restaurant doesn’t have its own website, it should at least be easy to find on social media like Instagram. Allow your customers to order via WhatsApp and telephone.

  1. Make a good platform for online ordering

Fifth, you can create a website with an online ordering system. If you don’t have the time or ability to create one, don’t worry. You can work with online ordering platform development services such as Ordering Direct which will create an online ordering system on your website according to the request.

The advantage of using the Ordering Direct service is that you can enter your own brand because this is a white label service. In addition, you can also change your menu at any time and request Ordering Direct to change it in the online system that has been created.

Regarding the commission, don’t worry. Ordering Direct asks for zero commission!

6.Add Healthy Menu Variants

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, public concern for healthy food is increasing. So, why not take advantage of this situation? It can also help you increase your business opportunities by bringing in new customers (for example, those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle or are on a diet).