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Selling online is made easier through an integrated Online Food Ordering platform with advanced and reliable features. With Ordering Direct as an online restaurant creation service, creating and managing a website with a selection of attractive templates is as easy as creating a blog with the online food ordering solution from Ordering Direct.

Integrated Online Food Ordering Solution

Ordering Direct presents a solution for online restaurant that can synchronize integrated sales to various marketplaces and online restaurant websites in one dashboard. Used by Ordering Direct Commerce as an Online Food Ordering enabler for various well-known restaurants, this platform can now be enjoyed by various brands to develop their online food ordering business.

As an Online Food Ordering service based in the Australia, we answer the needs of business owners of various scales and industries by providing a variety of services such as: online restaurant manufacturing services and comprehensive end-to-end online food ordering.

Commission free

We understand that some restaurants object to the commission system. This of course will greatly affect their revenue. Therefore, we offer a service-based payment system. This means that you only need to pay for our services based on our products that you use.

If our product is proven to increase your restaurant’s revenue, then you are entitled to 100% of that revenue without having to share it with us. This is a form of our support for you to be able to continue to thrive in the era of a pandemic which may have been a difficult time for you.

Relax, we understand your feeling!

Australian Owned & Operated

We are a company that has good service quality. We are based in Australia and we also provide customer service and support from Australia. 

What are the benefits of using our services in terms of good customer service and support?

An online system, whatever it is, requires direct and exact communication. There are a few changes you may want. In addition, there are also a number of things we may need to tell you related to making an online ordering system. We are here to help you until the problem is 100% resolved.

This does not mean that we guarantee that there will be problems in the online ordering system in the future. However, the online world itself is dynamic and full of changes. We, as a company dedicated to helping restaurant entrepreneurs, are ready to help you accommodate all the changes you want.

Don’t Just Survive, Evolve!

Yes, as a restaurant that’s growing, you may feel the need for a little change to your ordering system. Don’t worry, it’s the right move and there’s no better step than to let experts assist you in running your business through a well-made online ordering system so that not only will your restaurant survive, but also evolve!

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