restaurant online ordering system

Online ordering is something that is currently done by many restaurants. This is a new competition. You have to be the best among the best to be able to win the tough competition related to online ordering. One of the things that you should pay attention to, of course, is how can you attract customers?

Here we provide some tricks for those of you who want to promote online ordering that you may have recently integrated with your ordering system. Here are a few tips you can try to get your online ordering system promoted and recognized.

  1. Provide a Promo Code in the Takeaway Bag

You probably already have a good online ordering system. However, your customers don’t know it yet. Now, one way to get customers’ attention is to give them a reason to order online and there is no better way than to give a discount for every purchase through your online platform.

One powerful way to apply to repeat customers who always come to your restaurant is to print promo codes or vouchers on the food wrappers that you give them.

Given that they are regular customers who have frequently come to your restaurant, it is very likely for them to open your online platform and enter the voucher code provided on the food wrap.

  1. Social Media Campaign

Social media is one of the most appropriate places to start promoting your online ordering system for your restaurant. You can create an Instagram account and start posting about the benefits of buying food from your restaurant online, from vouchers to food bonuses and attractive packages available only on the online platform. This method will be very powerful to attract the attention of potential customers to order at your restaurant through an online platform.

Currently, there are many ways to attract customers through social media campaigns. One of them is by actively uploading posts and also giveaway or quizzes with discount vouchers prizes to the audience.

You can also endorse several well-known accounts on celebrities to attract subscribers. Although paid, this method is very powerful.

  1. Website

You can just rely on the mobile app for online ordering platforms at your restaurant. However, sometimes a website is also a must. Usually, customers will go to your website to find out about your restaurant and also what menus are available. This is done because customers usually do not simply trust mobile apps that are not supported by the website.

So, make sure you have an active website that contains the necessary information to increase customers’ trust in your restaurant.

In addition, you also have to animate your website by actively creating informative and SEO Friendly posts to attract new customers.

So, what are you waiting for? With the 3 ways above, you will get increased orders and also increased brand recognition. This is what you want to build a restaurant business that relies on an online ordering system. Create your online platform here and immediately get various facilities to attract customers.