It is a common thing that in this pandemic era, we as restaurant business players must be able to adapt well so as not to lose customers. Well, there are many ways to do that, one of which is by implementing an online food ordering system into our restaurant system. This of course can be a good solution in the era of social distancing.

Then, how do you implement the online ordering system? One way is to use an online platform with your own brand. Compared to joining third-party platforms like Uber and others, using platforms with your own brand has the following benefits.

  1. Push Notification

If your platform uses a mobile app, you can take advantage of push notifications. This feature is one of the excellent features that can display notifications to customers’ cellphones when you have a new menu or new promo. This will also make customers more attached to continue buying from your restaurant.

What are the benefits of Push Notification? If you have a special promo or something that you feel will attract customers, you can immediately display it right away. Unlike when you use a third-party platform where you have to wait for their approval. It’s all about the freedom as a business owner to develop business as you see fit and profitable.

  1. Reducing Commissions

This is not a secret anymore. Third party online ordering systems like Uber will ask you as a food seller. The same is true for other platforms, except your own.

You only need to pay in advance (one-time payment) for the creation of the platform and the rest of the platform will be yours. You save hundreds if not thousands of dollarts in a long run and can also reduce sales commission payments.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Do you realize when you use a third party online platform, all the feedback that comes in is theirs and not yours? Yes, you won’t get any feedback from customers regarding the quality of your food or whatever you do. All feedback is about their service as well as their driver.

If you use your own branded platform, then you will get feedback that goes straight to you and can be a testimonial to grow your business even further and attract more customers.

So, this is what you must do to be able to keep a profitable business in an era of a pandemic like this. You have to switch to online ordering platforms, but not using third parties because in the long run this will be detrimental and you will gain much more proft when using your own brand platform.

Customers will also be impressed and have more confidence in your service if you are proven to have succeeded in managing online food ordering systems with your own brand rather than relying on a third party. And if your online food ordering is reliable, customers will return orders within a certain period of time which in turn willl also lead to increased orders.